Friday, April 3, 2009

Training a running partner

I'm ecstatic that Amberle wants to run the Susan G Komen event with me this year.
I've never pushed the girls to be runners, although hoped they might.
She did 2 1/2 miles today and while I was bubbling over with pride, she asks me the question we all ultimately want answered:
why some thing that is supposed to be good for you hurts so much and why some things that are so good (like chocolate, she names specifically, she's definately my kid) are bad for you?

In my best mom-runner wisdom, I say the more you run, the less it will hurt and the more you run the less chocolate is bad for you. Ah, parenthood and how much we make it up as we go along.


  1. It might hurt but it is such a different kind of hurt, with the hurt of physical activity comes the feel of accomplishment and that is far better then the hurt we feel when we are out of shape and down on ourselves, when we look in the mirror and the hurt is accompanied by disappointment. Not all hurt hurts in the same way, life always hurts but sometimes you can control the kind of hurt you will feel today.

  2. It seems your good habits are rubbing off!