Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning to Breath

I spent a perfect May day doing the most important training exercise-resting.

This month, I will be working on tweaking the training schedule to fit in all aspects of swimming, biking and running.

So far, it looks like running in the morning and swimming at night.

Morning runs are best:
1) Early morning is probably the only time of the day I really "control"
2) Misty and cool in the summer
3) Training is done for the day; no family, work, school conflicts
4) Get the metabolism up and going for the day
5) Feel Energized when I start work
6) Limited traffic on the roads
7) I get to see the sun rise
8) and use my cool head light on cloudy days
9) burn around 600 calories before most people are awake
10) coffee is so much sweeter after a great run

Evening swims, ahh...
1) full body cardio, an extra kick at the end of the day
2) feel stretched
3) hang time with Mckenna
4) eating less for dinner, so I'm not too full for my workout
5) the pool is less crowded
6) sleeping like a baby since I started swimming at night
7) the swoosh of the water is relaxing
8) finding that swimming is really fun
9) focus on the breath is meditative
10) a few blissful moments in the hot tub post swim

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  1. Sound like you have you training down pretty good to me. Good luck!