Monday, May 4, 2009

Riding a bike...I forgot

I forgot how fun riding a bike can be. I have been using the stationery bikes at the gym, for cross-training. but, as running is not the same experience on a treadmill, so cycling is not the same on a machine. And finding a great trail makes everything more fun.

Biking, however, does require a bit more consideration in the gear arena. I have a mountain bike, which may not be the best for the Tri event. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new bike, although explaining that to someone who has invested thousand of dollars into a bike starts to sound lame. Possibly a little bit like, I want to run well in the shoes I bought at Payless.

For my first Tri, I think a good compromise is to get smaller tires and keep my frame. Then, I can put my old tires back on for trail riding.


  1. Cindy,

    I had a mountain bike as well and wanted to try a biathlon or triathlon and was looking for a new bike anyway. I compromised and got a hybrid. Either way, Riding on your current bike is the smart move and if you feel you want to get more serious into triathlons you change later.

    I like your idea with changing the tires on your existing frame. Good luck!

  2. Careful not to get bit by the biking bug... before you know it you will have 5 of them like I do and find yourself wondering how you ever got so many.

  3. I will check out the hybrid. Thanks!
    Rob, five bikes? So, one for each workout?

  4. No not really just kept upgrading but once you spend enough time with the bike it becomes more than just rubber and metal, it kind of becomes a part of you all the good times you shared together. Makes it hard to just toss it aside like some household appliance... or maybe that is just me. :)