Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cycling 101

Completed a 30 mile ride over the weekend which felt great and the time flew by riding with a group. I got some great tips from the Y coach who let me ask him a bizillion questions-mainly about the transition from the lake to riding. There are so many details in the Tri to think about-wet suit or not, shoes and clips, toe cages, padded shorts, padded seats, and evasive manuevers. It is rare that you see a runner, run into another runner, but I have been clipped twice on the bike trail while riding. The first time, I jumped off my bike to avoid crashing into Mckenna. The second time, I crashed. Icing my leg today. Staying positive and will work in an extra workout at the pool.


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the update. Yes, there's definitely a lot of things to consider here. Best of luck.


  2. The key to not getting clipped on the bike is to never get passed. :) In all seriousness however it is very dangerous for a biker to get close to another they are not familiar riding with, I do know when you ride in the same group for awhile you learn to read each other and can ride for miles only inches apart from each other... it is quite an experience but I wouldn't attempt it with someone I had never ridden with let alone someone I was passing on a trail.

  3. Working on not getting passed :)