Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imagine if

Last night I caught a segment about Ed Begley Jr., his strides in the environmental community, and his famous toaster that is powered by his exercise bike. Pedal-a-watt can actually generate 400 watts per 2 hours of cycling. My mind started to spin with the possibilities-power generated by mega gyms, our homes turned energy efficient while we burn calories, and imagine if there was a device that would convert our running miles into energy we could store and use later, or our Garmin could collect solar cells while we were outside enjoying our long run.

Training update: Still icing my knee. Went swimming yesterday, but I think I aggravated it. Sore last night-like a sharp shooting pain. Upper strength training today and cycled on a stationery bike for 20 minutes. Trying to be patient.

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