Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just in Time

As I'm packing up the book shelf for the big move, I found some back issues of Runner's World and of course, took a break to flip through. Randomly picked up the May 2007 issue and landed at an article about biking and how it can make you a better runner. Coincidence?
It was one of the moments, like when you are about to buy a car, and suddenly you see the make and model everywhere.
There's a study about two groups of runners-one running four days a week and the other substituting two cycling days. After five weeks, the groups had the same maximal oxygen uptake and running performance.
Sweet! So I'm not losing any fitness gain. Here's the just in time information I needed:
the cycling work out should be a lot like the running work out: hill repeats, tempos, intervals, and distance with those combos. That rings true. The key piece from this article is you need approximately 3 miles of cycling to equal a mile of running. I'm thinking I should invest in those padded shorts after all.

Going out for a spin,


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  2. Sometimes fate intervenes when we need it most. Glad to hear you sounding motivated and encouraged, keep it up!