Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming and More Swimming

Not much to blog in about training this week. Spent most of the time in the pool and coaxing my knee back into running. Saturday I attended the Materials Science and Engineering presentations given by the high school camp participants. There is new research that indicates seashells may be able to repair and regenerate our bones. Amberle's group scanned and tested samples to fracture point. Advances in materials have proceded almost every major technological leap since the beginning of civilization. It's humbling and so cool that she will be a part of that someday soon.
Can't wait to see the Harry Potter movie tonight...the girls have grown up with Harry. I remember reading by the fireplace, waking up at 3:30 realizing we fell asleep reading, finding Mckenna with the flashlight under covers reading ahead, midnight book release parties, Halloween parties, baking cauldron cakes for school, listening to trivia bits about JK Rowling on my tour of Edinburgh (yes, she's as famous as the castle), getting dizzy from playing video game quidditch with Amberle.
I wish for every generation such an imaginative, captivating story.
Wishing I could borrow some gillyweed from the wizarding world :)

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