Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The count down starts...today is September 1st. 19 days to the Kirkland Tri and 34 days to the Portland Marathon.
Saturday I watched the Lake Sammamish sprint tri and cheered for the TST group from the Y. It's definitely something to see. The wave of swimmers, the churning of the water as each wave starts, the transition area (what a mess), the varying levels of experience and fitness, and the smiles when the athletes cross the finish line.

Sunday Shane biked on the trail with me for my scheduled 18 miler. I miscalculated our meeting point somehow and ended up three miles over, running 20 and walking 1. It was good to face the wall now, however, during training and not on race day.

The girls go back to school this week. I'm going to miss them. My Mckenna starts Jr. High. Trying not to feel old.

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  1. miscalculating a 20 mile run sounds rough. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

    You shouldn't feel old, age is relative. How many people do you know that can run a marathon or compete in a triathlon?