Tuesday, December 29, 2009

0 Dark Hundred

6 miles-Yassos @ BHS

My body is now automatically waking up at 3:40; ten minutes before the alarm I have set. I think it's a defense mechanism-my ears pleading with my brain, "please wake up and save us from the piercing shriek."

I finally found another runner in my area, crazy enough to get up this early, in the winter, to run with me. Seven billion people in the world, and finding that fit-that person who will be there in the cold, in the rain and snow, in the dark, in spite of shin splints and hamstring pulls, and who will push you forward and challenge you-is gold.

I'm reading "I Run, Therefore I am-NUTS!"
This morning as I was searching through my bag for hand warmers and GU, I could relate to this:

"My car actually resembles a locker room on wheels."


  1. Being a nut is good. Congratulation on finding a running buddy. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year! have a nutty and fruity 2010! 8-)