Thursday, December 10, 2009

Refreshed and Recovered

I can truthfully say that carrots have never tasted so amazing, having just wrapped up a three day liquid fast.

Typically this kind of cleansing is recommended for the spring, but since I'm usually training for something,it was now or never...or not until next year.

I didn't purchase any expensive products. I used fruit juice from the store, teas when my stomach was feeling empty,and muscle milk to fuel my workouts.

On the last evening, I started to feel a little shut in
(I didn't go out because I thought it would be too tempting and too easy to drop in somewhere and get coffee or a snack), so I introduced Shane to Jamba Juice. He was cordial, though I caught him gazing over at Starbucks with a look that clearly conveyed, "I miss that friend."

This fasting was an honest realization of my eating habits.

Observations and Lessons learned:

-Coffee. I can in fact, make it through the day without an Americano, albeit Oscar-the-grouch like the first day and into the second. I thought the first thing I would do when the fast was over was grind up some Sumatra, but I'm going to hold off. The caffeine cloud has lifted and I'm enjoying the view.

-Sweet teeth. Not one sweet tooth, but all my teeth really love ice cream, milk duds, fudgy brownies, and muffins for breakfast...I was making dessert an everyday event instead of just a fun ocassion.

-Tea. Is so good and as it turns out, super healthy! Not only does it soothe the stomach, it's full of antioxidants and is good for the skin as well.
I tried a bunch of different and white are my favorites with a little honey (only 60 calories per tablespoon).
Tea is also a great filler. Weight-loss studies are finding that thirst is a factor in many cases when people feel hungry.
When I feel like a snack, I'm having a cup of tea.

-Time. The interesting thing about time is, it always gets the know what I mean? Like, I don't have time to cook so I'll just get pizza or take out...which always ends up being too much food and not the best ingredients. After I drank
my tomato juice for dinner (about 15 minutes), I sort of looked around and realized I had 45 minutes completely free. Going to get take out, takes time, too. Simple, nutrition filled dinners take about 20-30 minutes, clean up in 15, leaving the rest of the evening open and I'm wondering why I always feel like I don't have enough time?

-Justification. When I start thinking this....I'm a runner...I can eat a donut, because I burned the equivalent calories during my morning run...
I have to remember this....BUT the donut lacks real nutrients and all the good stuff I need to be a good runner.

-Abundance. Food is every where. While it is great to have enough, the convenience can be some what detrimental. "A blessing and a curse" as Monk would say.

-Hunger. I've never really been hungry or had a thought that I wouldn't be able to eat. Sadly, while I live in this abundance, there are people who die because they don't have a simple thing like food. When I think about that, it makes me crazy.
I read from a missions study, that if everyone in America who considered himself/herself a Christian, donated 1% of their income (1 penny for every dollar),
we could provide food, basic shelter and education for everyone in the world. I agree that's a bold statement and I don't know if it's true, but I'm
willing to help and find out if it can be done.

-Physical. My body feels refreshed and recovered and ready to run the next chapter,
Journey to Mania...becoming a Marathon Maniac.

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