Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Packet Pick Up-Strike Out

I'm dreading packet pick up tomorrow. It's not feeling like Rock and Roll at all. More like Moody Blues or Quiet Riot. But onto the baseball analogy...

Strike One-there is a silly policy that every walker/runner has to pick up his/her own packet-ID is required. The event is sold out. There will be an estimated 27000 athletes making their way to the Qwest Event Center for the Expo. Since the race is on Saturday, this involves scheduling time off work.

Strike Two-there's some mix up with Amberle's registration. I have my credit card statement showing that I paid and she's on the e-mail list for the event, but we can't find her in the database. In the e-mail instructions, there's a **special** table where we have to stand in line. Because this detail made it into the e-mail instructions, I'm sensing a long line.

Strike three-the Mariners are playing tomorrow. $30 for parking. Traffic, traffic, traffic...ugh...ugh...ugly!

Ok, I had to get that out. I'm trying not to to vent it in front of Amberle. This is her first half marathon and I want it to be an AWESOME experience for her.

There should be a t-shirt, "I survived packet pick up"


  1. Haha, I like that! Know how you feel and agree with the t-shirt. I hate crowds and avoid very popular runs because of this. Good luck to Amberle for the half!

  2. crossing my fingers pick up is semi painless for ya ;)

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