Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Body is in the "Shop"

I took a long break-a week and a few days off. I did a short 4 mile run Sunday and decided I'm going to use this month to work on strengthening my knee, hips, and glutes. I ran a mile warm up then did lunges, step ups, and hip abductor/adductor sets on the pulley machine, some upper body sets, then finished out with two miles on the treadmill.

Tuesday I swam with the masters at the Y. Marc had me use the pull buoy and the swim paddles for half the time and that was a good work out. I'm still kicking a lot for power and need to work on using my arms more. The swim work outs are late (8:30-10:00) but worth it, so I'm trying to fit my running/cycling in at lunch so I can get some sleep.


  1. I notice that too when I swim, I kick like crazy!

  2. That is some excellent workouts. You are very dedicated! Have a good weekend!