Thursday, February 10, 2011

Double Dose

I've been sick twice already this year and it's only February. I've done my time with chicken soup and orange juice and staying in bed dreaming about running. Both times, it sort of ambushed me late at night: fever, headache, chills, sore throat, stuffy head. I guess this is my appeal to the gods that I have had my share of sick for now.
I was looking over my training log from last year and noticed I had a similar pattern. I know that distance running can depress your immune system. I'm fanatic about washing my hands and doing the anti-bacterial gel. I'm eating well. I'm active. I have a home office, so I'm not super exposed...well, there is the pool, but the chlorine level is so high it would instantly fry any, I'm wondering what I'm doing or not doing that is attracting colds/flu.

What do you do to stay healthy in the winter?

Training is set back a week. I had a solid 20 miler the last weekend of January. Now I feel that I'm re-building this week. Brick yesterday-spin and run and ran a good 6 mile tempo today. Yoga and swimming tonight.


  1. Being sick like that sucks big time. Hope you are over it now. I also do the hand washing and other preventative routines. I also never get into a lift and never use a heater anywhere. Our home is heater free with at least 30% windows open even in the winter. This definitely helps a great lot. Oh yes, and I never put even a toe inside a gym.

  2. Glad you are running again after the flu. I also find some solutions looking over my training log. Learning by the past this is the second year in a row without problems: vegetables with lemon, orange juice and bilberry juice.
    Last but no least one day off after a race or a long distance run.

  3. I am a firm believer is exposer, your body has a natural ability to fend for itself and I sometimes wonder if keeping your immune system from germs helps to increase the time you are sick when you get sick. I go to the germ filled gym at least 3 times a week, spend all day working on other peoples computers... have you ever looked at some people's keyboards... yet I am sick far less often than most people I know and when I do get sick it is generally a tired feeling for a day or two and then I am back to normal. Let your body build up a sorta immunity to most germs and I think you will be better off than trying to avoid them.