Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Mile Lake Women's Triathlon

I love Women only events. There's a great vibe and a bonding experience that only women can know.

We met at Sonja's house for the drive down to Auburn. It was raining. Not the usual Seattle mist, but pouring, drenching rain. Tracy and I considered turning around for a nice pancake breakfast, but we persevered.

It's amazing how the discomfort dissipates when you are in company with other women who are there to race and have fun. We shivered, got our bodies marked, racked our bikes and pulled on our wet suits.

The water was warm. It actually felt nice being in the lake. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I swam way past the buoy. Twelve and a half minutes.

Wow, I had a difficult time peeling off my wet suit. Maybe it was the rain. Or the first-tri-of-the-season-out-of-practice kind of difficult. Three and a half minutes.

As I left transition, I saw my friend Wendy. We wished each other good luck and rode for the course. Rain. Brakes. Sliding. Cautious. Traffic. Damn it, dropped my water bottle. World Vision Building. There goes Sonja. Two loops. Is that my water bottle all smashed up? Someone walking her bike. Bummer. Focus. Transition coming up. Fifty five and a half minutes.

Transition two. Two minutes, sixteen seconds.

Running. This always feels awesome. Sweet. Familiar. 27 minutes. Which is rocking for me.

Sonja and Wendy are at the finish line cheering as I run in. We hug and turn around just in time to see Tracy.

Coffee and breakfast at Starbucks with my Triathlete friends. I'm lucky to have peeps who inspire me and keep me racing!

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