Tuesday, December 27, 2011

eBook Readers

eBook readers are super trendy this season. Everyone is posting on FB about their new Kindle or Nook. I see them on flights, in waiting rooms, and coffee shops; but owning one was not on my radar.
Shane, the gadget guy, thought I would love one. Honestly, I think he worried for my safety as the pile of books on my nightstand has grown and sometimes resembles a literary Pisa.
Shane, who can sell anything to me because he knows my habits so well, says:
"You will be able to access your month's reading whenever, wherever you are...want to read the biography? Just tap on the title. Spy/espionage novel? Just switch over. Magazine subscriptions-all there. And you can buy a book at 1:30 am if you can't sleep. One compact, lightweight, personalized library...a little bit of Cindy heaven here in digital form."
What could I say to that? Sold.
I opted for the basic reader. Since I work on my computer eight to ten hours a day, the other features did not appeal to me. Saving space and having my reading collection in one place is so convenient. I can even take a virtual trip to the library and check out books. I do believe this will be a little bit what heaven is like.

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