Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mommy, Can I Run with You?

Mckenna loves cheerleading. While I don't understand the draw to the particular activity, I understand the passion. So I recognized the crushed countenance and the trailing tears as we got the news she had torn her rotator cuff and needs physical therapy and time off. As a runner, injury has evoked these very reactions for me.

In Mckenna spirit, she let herself go through the emotions and then looked for a new challenge in the form of this questions- "Mommy, can I run with you tomorrow morning?"

I'm always so proud of Mckenna-her accomplishments, her determination, her heart; but it's comforting as a parent to know that she can take in disappointment and turn it around.

Tuesday we ran together and went to the gym for strength training. This morning we set out pre-sunrise for a run on the trail. She smiled and glowed all the way home.

This is the important legacy that I want to leave to my girls- You are stronger than you know and everything you need in life comes from within.

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