Thursday, January 12, 2012


Happy New Year! Better late than never, but I have good excuses. I've been running, swimming, biking, taking a boot camp conditioning class and learning Korean.

One thing at a time...running...started the New Year with the Polar Bear 5K and dip into Lake Washington. My friend Wendy does this every year, so I joined her and another friend Macy. I guess I have been a little intimidated by the cold water, but life is about facing your fears, so I did the plunge and I think I will put this on the calendar for every year. There is something beautiful about adopting new traditions. And we had the best cinnamon roll/sticky bun at The Grateful Bread Bakery.

January 2nd, I ran a local half marathon. Low-key, free event, but lots of smiling, happy runners and I ran a PR. I'm feeling like this is going to be an amazing year. So far it's awesome.

There are two events that I have been tossing around for 2012. One is Ragnar, a 200 mile relay, but requires a team of 12 or 6 (6 runners as an ultra). The other is a local 70.3. I was leaning toward Ragnar because I have never participated in a relay before. But at this point, other runners are not committing and I need to have a goal to work toward. Then yesterday, I got a call from VO2 Performance Center saying I had won an entry for Lake Stevens 70.3. That was easy. That's the big event for this year. I plan to do a trail run every month and a spring marathon.

Still looking for a consistent, affordable swim coach. I know I can do the swim distance, but I want to do it faster and in better form.

Riding...has mostly been indoors since my work out time is 5:00 and the sun isn't up til after 7. But I'm working on power and watts which brings me to Bootcamp....

I have completed two sessions and I gotta say I totally need this. I have not been this sore in a while. Our coach asked us to keep a log so we can see our progress...Suicide drills leave me breathless. I can just keep up with the burpees during each interval. I will keep working on this. We are also doing some plyometrics, stretching and core work. Repeating in my mind, this is making me a stronger athlete.

On a personal note, I'm going to Korea this year-to visit my country, explore my past, and look for my birth family.

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