Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Be Happy-Live Longer

My friend Patty says that people with pets are happier and live longer. She recently adopted a kitten from a shelter for her daughter to help teach her responsibility.  I never considered myself a 'pet' person. I think about a dog every once in a while, but my friend Sonja has a golden lab, Lacie, who runs with us and I love her like my own. I also get the fun Lacie, not the messy Lacie or the sick Lacie or the barking Lacie. It's like being a grandma and sending her home after playing in the mud.
I had a cat during my tween-teen years but she mostly minded her business and I minded mine. We had a fish tank when we lived in New Mexico, but the larger fish kept eating the smaller fish and then there was the time one jumped out of the tank and died and there were a lot of tears while explaining that to the girls. There was also a parakeet in my early childhood named Charlie. He was grouchy and loud and bit whoever tried to feed him. He died. Probably from starvation. No tears on that occasion. So, I don't have the best track record when it comes to pets.
Peer pressure is the only explanation I have for having decided to adopt a kitten. Let me see...Mckenna, Patty, my dad, Amy, Sonja, Tara, Mckenna's counselor...
We named her Karma. She's almost 3 months old, black with caramel coloring. Mckenna calls her a "torty." She's so much fun, I'm a pet person after all.

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