Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running Through

Running is my 'go to'. I run when I'm happy. I run when my mind is busy. I run to celebrate. I run to catch up with friends. Running has seen me through so much in life. As I grow up, I realize, sometimes the only way out, is through.

It is wisdom gained through the miles. An ultimate truth that I know every runner feels.

My heart froze when I heard the news about the explosions at Boston. Thank you to FaceBook where I was able to check on friends. Then came the devastating reports. It's unreal. Runners are some of the most peaceful people on the planet. It is a sport of goodwill. A sport that inspires. That has no prejudice. It's ageless.

For the past two days I have laced-up with a heavy heart. I think I want to know why someone would do this. And then I don't. I don't want to understand how it works that someone could plan and execute such a terrible act. Then, I want justice. I want the responsible party to sit in a room and watch family movies of the people who were killed until it is understood the loss that is being experienced. I want the person or persons to look into they eyes of those who will never be able to walk or run again. To feel the full weight of the innocence lost.

It feels personal. This is my community. Where, in my life, I have felt the most accepted, the most welcomed. Where I learned to believe from the inside out.

I will run through the grief, the mourning. Running is about endurance, inner strength, determination, resilience, community and faith. No act of terror can take that away.

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