Friday, August 23, 2013

CrossFit is

 CrossFit is about living with excellent health, and the ability to function optimally. Modern living has caused many physical deficiencies, making it difficult for most of us to live a high quality of life.

If you train using truly functional movements that allow you to build strength, power, stamina, endurance, balance, and flexibility the end result is a level of fitness that you can thrive in life with. We are capable of aging without becoming physically frail.- Coach Jake

I did a ton of research before I started CrossFit. I had heard a mixture of reviews from: it will compromise your swimming, biking, and  running, to it's a recipe for injury and your muscles will not adapt properly. My PT instructor is NOT a fan. She pretty much said it was a program that promoted the over use of muscles. Most of the videos about the program show extremely fit people lifting extremely heavy weight so it was a little intimidating at first.

So I signed up. This is week 3.

I have found that the workouts are challenging and different every day.

There are lots of fitness levels in class.

The trainers guide you through the lifts and break down each step. They will not allow you to lift a heavier weight until you perfect the lighter weight.

Every work out feels like an accomplishment.

There's a warm up, dynamic stretching, lifting and the cardio portion that does use all the big muscle groups.

You can compete with others, with yourself to better your performance, or not at all.

I'm sore but I'm already seeing muscle definition in my arms, torso and butt.

I have cut my running to two days a week, swimming one day and a spin class once a week.

I am feeling stronger and I think ultimately that will transfer to running, swimming, biking

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