Friday, August 16, 2013

How Fit?

Me: Mirror, Mirror at the fit am I?

Mirror: Well, go run a mile and report back with your time

Me: *huff* 8 *puff* minutes *drink of water* 36 *36 what, what, what?*

Mirror: Fine, that's ok- almost a minute off your previous time. Now drop and give me push ups to failure

Me: 25 *roll over on back and sigh*

Mirror: That's it. Well, I see strength training in your future. Now plank position and hold

Me: *dead drop at 1 minute 30 seconds*

Mirror: Fair, but not the fairest. I want to see some squats. Butt down, down, down

Me: 37 *ouch*

Mirror: There's work to do- now stand there like a stork, balance, balance, uh practice that when you are brushing your teeth-lie down and show me the hand-to-toe pose.

Me: @ minus 45 degrees

Mirror: *shaking head* I have noticed your absence at yoga...

Me: Mirror, Mirror...what should I do?

Mirror: Go find the CrossFit Master named Jake at Outer Edge

...a week later. I'm perpetually sore. This is quite a bit off-trail for me, but a fun new adventure. Stay tuned.

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