Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Miss my Bike

On the way home from STP, I got rear ended with my bike on my new bike rack. I have been in mourning for my bike for weeks now.

The first shop I took it to was Gregg's Cycle. It made sense to me because I purchased my bike there. But the mechanic would not even look at it without an appointment and $70. He painted a doom and gloom picture of me on my bike and my carbon frame crumbling to dust.  YIKES.

So I e-mailed American Family insurance (not my insurance company-the person who slammed into me) and they said they would not pay for the estimate and would only give me cash value for my bike which I have yet to hear back what amount that will be.

My next stop-the most trusted bike shop in Puget Sound-Bothell Bike. These guys have seen me through tune ups and bike fits and shoe purchases. I'm never going anywhere else. Finding a bike shop you trust is gold. Josh took my bike apart and he said he can fix it for $700. I'm so happy. With luck, I will have my bike back by my birthday.


  1. Sorry about your bike, hope it works out for you with the insurance companies... they just don't understand that bikes are like family members. :)

  2. Yes! I have been trying to tell them!!