Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Gary Taubes Experiment

I found Gary Taubes while researching technique videos for CrossFit. I read "Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About It." The argument is compelling. Especially since the someone special in my life has struggled with weight loss his entire life. And recently, borderline diabetes. He works out and lifts weights. He eats the same meals I do and the same portion size. So the exercise-eat less-low fat "solution" has not been working. In the beginning of the book, Taubes says to approach this method like science. Try it out and see if it works for you...if it doesn't go back to the low fat diet. Challenge accepted. We have switched over to the low-carb lifestyle. It's been about eight weeks. Here are the results: Weight loss: 16 lbs Inches Trimmed: 38 pant size to 32 Blood sugar count: used to be around 110's- Now trending down under 100. A steady 98 reading Blood pressure: much lower blood pressure 130/75, very close to the norm of 120/80 There's the proof. I'm all about results. We have been using the app called 'Lose It' to stay accountable for what we are eating, to track nutrients, as well as calorie intake and expenditure. We have found the bread, rice, pasta to be actually high in calorie and carb count with very little nutritional value. A serving of fruit/veggies typically ranges between 20-25g carbs, so when you eat the recommended 5 servings, actually that is plenty of carbs without the bread, rice, pasta. In changing to this lifestyle, there have been moments of doubt and second-guessing. Our society has programmed us to think that fat will make you fat. This eight weeks has been a process of letting go of that paradigm and embracing really what works. I did have concerns about carb intake for me. As a runner, now cross-fitter and maintaining cycling and swimming-how many carbs do I really need? Since I'm not training for any specific event, I cut my carbs load to 120g. Here are my results: Weight loss: 8lbs Trimmed: 2 inches from waist Appetite: I struggle to get in the number of calories I am supposed to consume to match what I burn in my workouts each day I'm still experimenting to find the right carb threshold. I didn't start out having a weight loss goal but I like the trimmed inches. Obviously I will need to add in carbs as my training intensity increases into the season. I have to add that this makes dinner planning very simple: meat and veggies. Real food is tasting so much better.

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