Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Y Story

I joined the YMCA when I moved to Washington. The girls had previously participated in the toddler sports programs in New Mexico and I was looking for a gym that was family friendly.

I learned to swim at the Y and completed my first Triathlon in 2009 with the guidance and encouragement of the Try a Sprint Tri program. Most of the friends I have now, I met through the Y.

As my fitness journey continued, I found that I love helping other people discover running and triathlon and being active and helping them reach their goals. In the meantime, they are getting healthy and making changes in their lives that are lasting.

In January of this year as I thought about all the New Year's resolution-ists who drop off in March, I decided I wanted to be part of the industry that guides and encourages the For Life philosophy of fitness. I earned a trainer certification and I was just offered a Health and Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer position at the Y.

I guess I have come full circle. 

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