Sunday, January 4, 2015

Data Amplified

My Y is running a promo for new membership- if you join this month you get gift options and one is a Pivotal Tracker. Pivotal Tracker is a basic step, sleep, calorie tracker that syncs with your smart phone.

I was comped one and so here is my first gear review post for 2015.

My Pivotal Tracker traveled to New York City with me where I knew I would be walking and could really give it a good trial. First, the display is huge on my wrist. Not everyone will have this issue, but the very last insert for the band gives me a good quarter inch protrusion on each side. Second, there is a hydration tracking option which needs to be adjusted manually on the app by swiping a bar. Actually setting the right number is a bit frustrating. Third, the sync works with Bluetooth, and can be a drain on my battery life. So far, not my favorite gear, but the immediate reading of the number of steps taken at any point in the day is fun and fascinating.

According to Pivotal Tracker's basic goal setting, ten thousand steps is normal.  I thought that to be a bit lofty. Of course, walking around the city, I loaded in the steps and I look like an overachiever. I wondered how that would stack up every day when I'm at work sitting for 8 hours and what steps would equal in my daily run or WOD. I'm used to measuring in miles, number of rounds, and bench mark minutes and seconds.

So today I wore both my Pivotal Tracker and my Garmin. I wanted to find out how many steps my run would tally. Post gorgeous run at the watershed, I checked both data collection devices. Nine miles was approximately twelve thousand steps (rounded down). In roughly an hour and thirty minutes, I was able to run and get in all the required goal steps for the day.

As an activity tracking device, I think this is perfect for someone just getting off the couch and beginning to move again. For an athletic someone, it's just data over load.

Sleeping is a part of my life that is a mystery. Now that I'm home from vacay, let the data collection begin...

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