Thursday, March 12, 2015


Let me start with...I will always love my trails!...AND my love for trails can and has co-existed with my new love and passion for CrossFit.  My goal this year is to take the certification class for Level 1 and the five year plan is to work toward owning my own box/gym. I see my box offering CrossFit Endurance for runners as well as training and support for triathletes.

CrossFit certification happens over a two day period. The curriculum covers intro to the methodology and the foundational movements and how to conduct and scale a class. I'm aiming for a late summer-early fall class to be offered in my area. Until the schedule is determined for that time frame, I will study on my own and visit local boxes and post my homework here.

The study will involve discovering these topics

-Ownership: what is the background of the box, how did the person get started, how long has the box been open, start up cost, ROI, and what are the measures of success for the owner

-Coaching style: observe interaction, note progression and scaling in the workouts, listen for tips and drills

-Box set up: document with photos and video

-Programming: does the box offer additional classes- Olympic lifting, yoga, CrossFit Endurance, CF for kids or sport specific type training

Now, I'm off to get my WOD on...cheers!

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