Friday, March 13, 2015

What SUP?

Supplements. Once upon a time, I had a nutritionist teacher who said that everything the body needs comes from real food. On the time line of my life, I had yet to discover endurance sports and fitness. I do believe that real food should be the go to...and yet, I struggle to take in the amount of protein I need to build muscle.
So like many aspects of fitness, the answer to the question begins with the question- what is the goal?

At the beginning of this year, I got tanked in the form of a hydrostatic body fat test. I wanted a bench mark of where I am so that in 6 months, I can have data that I am getting stronger and leaner. Defined, my ideal is 10-12 percent. I'm currently at 16 percent. Test guy said I need to be eating more protein. CF coach says more protein. My daughter, aspiring nutritionist, has said more protein. How much more protein? I used to figure out grams. The rule of thumb for building muscle is 1-1.5g per lb of body weight. My aim is 120g.

Since then, I have learned about Biological value: Protein Rating. That means that even though a food may have a lot of protein per serving, the body doesn't always utilize the protein efficiently. Eggs, though they got a bad wrap for so long, have the best rating. Eggs daily. Protein for lunch. Protein for dinner. The math adds up like this- two eggs- 12g, chicken or fish 24g, beef or pork 23g totaling around 56g. A shortage of 64g.

I have started looking into protein supplements and the quantity and availability of the product is overwhelming. For starters...whey or rice?

Whey vs. Casein

And studies show, similar results for both:

Although, this study indicates rice protein releases amino acids over an extended amount of time:

I'm starting with a whey supplement post work out and will monitor ratings of soreness, recovery and readiness to train along with my squat and push up strength.

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