Friday, December 18, 2015

Spinning into A New Opportunity

I started teaching Group Cycle at my Y in July. It's a Thursday night class with about 10 regulars. The instructor before me was well loved (and rightfully so) and that was my biggest fear...the follow up. A close second is that my guy goes to this class. And I wanted him to be ok with it. Well, not just ok- I wanted to impress him and keep on being the cool wellness coach/trainer that he fell in love with. And that can be the sticky part in relationships, right? You meet somone, you fall in love, you idealize and then realize...

It ended up that I had to ask him not to come to class for the first month because I needed space to get my groove. It was stressful making the 'ask'. But he understood.

It's been six months now and last night was the last Thursday class for 2015.
Some things I need to work on are 1) projecting my voice. Which does not sound difficult, but when you are spinning and there are fans blowing and music thumping, it takes some mega phone lungs. Or pre-defined arm gestures. 2) the intro that runs over because I like class participation. I start with names and QOD. That worked great in the summer when class was 5-6 people. Now I have the 10 and it's probably a good 10 minutes of class. 3) Finding different ways to express the same cues like relaxing the shoulders, smooth pedal strokes.

The one thing I think I do well is balancing challenging classes with moderate effort. I sub-ed a Monday night class and one of the particpants came up to me the next day and said it was the best work out she had from that class- that definitely made my day.

I have big plans for the coming year with progression type classes and possibly a mixed format with some body weight strength exercises and core work.

The adventure continues...

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