Tuesday, October 13, 2009

St Edwards, Paradise Valley, Tolt Pipeline and Washington Arboretum

"Not all those who wander are lost" -Tolkien

Spent some time this weekend exploring new trails, two of which are close enough to home I can include them in a long run.

St Edwards is like a beautiful meandering forest with lots of scenic variety. The lake front is undeveloped and makes for a nice quiet retreat to stop and fuel up. A trail for run-swim-run on my list to frequent in the summer.

Paradise Valley is this amazing conservation area that has been described as "rooty to twisty to swoopy." There is a wide main trail with single tracks that loop around and you would never know there is civilization only four or five miles from the heart of it all.

The Tolt Pipeline runs from Chester Morse Lake in the Cascades to the City of Seattle, supplying the city with about 30% of its water supply. The gravel trail parallels the pipeline from close to my neighborhood to Snoqualmie Valley. A perfect hill workout.

The Washington Arboretum is a favorite. I could spend hours running on the trails and admiring the gardens.

Happy Trails!

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