Friday, November 19, 2010

Running Through the Halls

It's been a busy week with Girls on the Run. Tuesday we had our practice 5K. The curriculum suggested bringing music for the girls to dance around to before beginning the run. I checked with the other coach asking her if we should do music because there is a teacher next door to the classroom we meet in who has made it clear she doesn't approve of the noise level and she doesn't approve of us being there. We decided to skip the music, because we don't want this teacher to complain to the school and have the program denied in the Spring. On my way over, Caitlin sent me a message that said 'so, teacher next door is currently blasting WE R FAMILY and I can hear her students singing along.' I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull over. Imagine your grumpiest teacher rocking out to Sister Sledge.

The girls met their running buddies. These are women from the community who volunteer to run the event with one of our girls. We brought snacks and balloons and sidewalk chalk to decorate and write fun, motivational words on the path they were running. The girls had a blast. And it was encouraging to see some of the girls, who sort of walk during practices, picking up the pace and I really think, surprising themselves at what they have. Even though we are emphasizing the effort, it's hard not to proud of the girls who finished in like 20 minutes.

Yesterday it was cold out. The kind of cold that hurts your throat when you breath in too quickly. So we stayed inside. Although, the school has given us permission to run in the halls in case of crummy weather, it felt so rebellious. We did intervals from one end of the school to the other. I so wanted to ask teacher next door if she could pump up the volume.

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