Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cougar Mountain Trail Race

"Running is a free pass to friendship." -Benjamin Cheever

I won a free entry for a trail race from a Luna Chix benefit. So today, since I had 10 miles on the schedule, I signed up.

I love trail running-the solitude, the music provided by nature and the moments to enjoy the scenery, but I wasn't so sure I would like the race element added in.

As runners lined up at the start chatting and going on about the difficulty of the terrain, I almost bailed. Instead, I floated to the back of the pack and made a determination that I would enjoy the run and take my time.

Soon after the start, the crowd thinned and it was a beautiful run. The uphills were definitely steeper, more like a hike really, and there were logs to leap over and shimmy under, bridges to cross, and slopes like a slide. I'm pretty sure I was borderline anaerobic for the entire two hours.

The best result today-I made a new friend.

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