Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Day but Today

What I will remember about today...

The drive

The alarm ringing at 4am, I'm already awake, sleepy, but energized
The Cascade Mountains are spectacular in the moonlight covered with snow
Driving through the fog, singing to RENT, my Jeep transformed into a Broadway theater
Thankful for coffee stands open at 5am on Saturday morning
Cherry-pomegranate poptarts and day breaking over the foothills
The City of Wenatchee is known as the "Apple Capital of the World"
Everything in bloom

The run

Lining up and suddenly wanting to PR
A rowing club on rowing machines in a parking lot
Running over the Columbia River
Rolling hills sometimes means down hill out and up hill back
Hill workouts @#$%, but I'm glad I did them
Florescent green running shoes (green is really in at the moment)
Chocolate Gu
T-shirt quote "Courage to start, Faith to Finish"
Passing other runners-a new and interesting feeling
At mile 10, thinking "I can run faster"
Crossing the finish line and wanting to keep running

Post race

Felt great. I beat my last half by 13 minutes, so I did PR, though it was a last minute goal.
I'm beginning to believe I can run faster and do a sub 2.

After an apple and lots of water, I sat next to a couple watching the other runners cross.
They have been married for 30 years and running together for 15. I thought it was so sweet how they held hands, put their heads together to talk and shared a post-race muffin.

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