Monday, June 8, 2009

Race for the Cure and a Brick

Amberle's first 5K...smiling at the starting line...smiling at mile 1, laughing at mile two as we pass the LaCrosse Team, still smiling at mile 2.75...sprinting across the finish line...Garmin time 28:50. She owes me a movie because she thought she would be the last one to cross.

I'm always inspired when I see how people respond to getting involved with Race for the Cure. This year, Boeing matched all funds for employee participation. And despite a weak economy, the event was packed.

"Tri-ed" my first brick work out this weekend. Mckenna and I rode 9 miles at a steady pace and finished with a mile run. I didn't experience the jello-feeling everyone describes, but after riding, the run felt like slow-motion. But having said that, I ran my best mile time at 7:40.


  1. Congratulations on Amberle's first 5K. Great job!I have yet to do a brick work out, it sounds pretty brutal.

  2. Congrats Amberle! Wonderful Pics.

    Cindy, how do I follow you?


  3. Hi Tony-thanks for the note. I think the key is to ease into it.

    Chito, Not sure how to add the following icon. I use my recommended reading links to follow blogs I like.