Monday, January 18, 2010

Eat and Learn

This week, I sampled Ethiopian cuisine. I was curious from the moment I read a review in a travel magazine. Honestly, when I thought of Ethiopia and what they might eat there, I pictured canned spam or Campbell's soup because wasn't Ethiopia the place where we sent aid in the 1980's? That was really my first decade of global awareness, though admittedly a very sheltered one.

Almost everything is served on a round, flat bread called injera. It looks like a pancake and tastes like sour dough. A side of injera is served to scoop the wat(stew with onions and lentils), which is served in the middle (no chopsticks, forks, spoons). I ordered the chicken wat and the flavor was amazing. I could taste coriander and ginger and it was spicy without too much heat.

Also tried an Ethiopian beer (that's a given). The label said Harhar and it was sweet and light like a hefeweizen.

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  1. That dish looks quite interesting. I have never heard of anyone having Ethiopian food before let alone the beer. Interesting names. Thanks for the enlightenment.