Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kick Harder

I found out via Amberle's boyfriend that a new YMCA opened in the area (well the next county North). I called and e-mailed right away about lessons.
Just a re-cap on past efforts to sign up for lessons: I have now been on my YMCA's wait list for lessons for almost a year. And the community pool requires you to camp in line before midnight for registration. After two Grande Americanos and a line that would rival Disneyland, I found the nearest bathroom then drove my sleepy self home to bed.
Well, I'm now in, at the new Y, and even though it's a little bit of a drive, it's going to be worth it! Maybe in the summer when it's lighter out, I can ride my bike there and back.
The good news from lesson one: my form is good. The work on news: the instructor said I need to kick more. Which is funny because when I started TRI training, Marc said I kicked too much. I guess I've come full circle.


  1. Congratulations on getting in. Sounds like the extra drive may be well worth it.

    Keep kicking!

  2. You're certainly committed! Good luck with the swimming!