Sunday, March 28, 2010

YRCM 2010

“Pain is temporary, but pride lasts forever”

Marathon #4. Every marathon is unique and presents its own challenges.
Yakima River Canyon is the most challenging course I have run so far, but also the most amazing in terms of scenery and the enthusiasm from other runners.

The event was on a Saturday, so I left work a little early to drive out; two and a half hours from North Seattle. I mis-read where the event headquarters would be. I thought it was at the Days Inn in Ellensburg (where I was staying), but it was actually in Selah at the civic center. It turned out great, because we checked in and drove the course on the way. The canyon is beautiful. There's a stark contrast between the sky, the rocks, the hills and grassy areas and the river flowing through.
We made it to the pasta dinner, a little late, but I got my packet and stayed to listen to the guest speakers. The event is organized by two marathon maniacs (the Dolphin's) and they are 80...yes, 80. I hope I'm that energetic when I get there.

What I loved:
-Everything was so well organized, especially for out-of-towners. Most accommodations have a fee for late check out or charge another night. The organizer arranged for showers(soap, shampoo and towels) and transportation so you could check out early and not have to drive home smelling like you just ran 26.2 miles.

-The race started a block from the place I was staying. I actually got to sleep until 6.

-The pasta dinner was $7

-Scenery...reminded me of New Mexico and the desert. I still love the green of the Seattle area, but variety is always welcome.

-Friendly runners-hugs, pats on the back, hi-fives...really makes the miles enjoyable.

-regulating my body temp. In the shadows of the canyon, it was chilly, but a lot of the route was directly in the sun. It was a constant cycle of sweating-chills.

-water. I read on a Runner's World post that the race had water every mile. The person posting said to be careful about water intoxication. So I didn't bring my fuel belt...BIG mistake and my own fault. I started to get dehydrated at mile 15, cramping in the quads and muscle spasm in my left calf at mile 18.

-slant of the road...well, the canyon is winding and at the different curves in the path, the road level of the road would shift. I believe it's called camber. I could feel it in my hips. I'm not sure you can train for that.

The BIG Bummer:
My friend, who has been training with me through out the winter, found out she tore her IT band completely from the bone. Depressing and disappointing and I missed her out there.

I am proud of this was tough, but I made it...and 26.2 miles is still a long way to run.


  1. Well done! Every marathon finish is an achievement to be proud of. Camber can be terrible. Recover well!

  2. Great job!! You should be very proud of this accomplishment. It sounds like it was a really nice race. Great report. Hope your training partner recovers quickly.

  3. Congratulations! Glad you had a great time - It remains one of my favorite marathons!

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