Monday, June 21, 2010


I just love the name Chuckanut...and if you say it really fast it has an Asian feel, though it's a native word for "Long beach far from a narrow entrance." For Father's Day, the girls and I went hiking with Shane. We peered out at the drizzly day and almost decided to stay in and make him chocolate chip cookies instead. But we have learned that even though it's raining at home, it could be just cloudy and even sunny in the next neighborhood. We packed a lunch and set out North on I-5 to SR 11 through some farmland and flat stretches. It was cloudy, so the mountain was covered some and as we approached Chuckanut Drive, it seemed like a completely different place. This area of Washington is so amazing-the mountains and the sea so close. We took the Fragrance Lake Trail, which is a good mile or so steadily up. The trees here are so tall that sometimes it seems like there are no branches until you lay down and gaze up.
This is a picture of the roots of a tree that fell over.

The trail circles the lake and has little benches to sit on for lunch.

We ended the day exploring the bay at Larrabee State Park.


  1. That looks so peaceful. Must have been an awesome day. I love listening to the wind through trees like that.

  2. Great pics, makes me miss living there.