Thursday, June 10, 2010

One More Mile-Maniac 2608

I'm official...Maniac #2608. It's an uncanny resemblance, right?
The race Sunday was fun, full of surprises and now I can't believe it's over.

We celebrated with champagne and cheesecake...I feel like I couldn't have done this without the girls and Shane cheering for me and being at the finish line.

For recovery, I'm reading this book called "Once a Runner." Very inspirational and I love this quote:
"What did he eat? Did he believe in isometrics? Isotonics? Ice and heat? How about aerobics, est, ESP, STP? What did he have to say about yoga, yogurt, Yogi Berra? What was his pulse rate, his blood pressure, his time for the 100-yard dash? What was the secret, they all wanted to know in a thousand different ways the secret. And not one of them was prepared, truly prepared to believe that it had not so much to do with chemicals and zippy mental tricks as it did with that most unprofound process and sometimes heart-rending process of removing, molecule by molecule, the very tough rubber that comprised the bottoms of his training shoes. The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials. How could they be expected to understand that?"


  1. Congratulations with Maniac #2608! Well done! Great quote!

  2. Wow - Congratulations Cindy! I guess I better get busy!

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  4. Congratulations! This is so cool... and takes so much dedication.