Monday, November 29, 2010

Seattle Marathon 2010

Thanksgiving week was a little crazy weather-wise. It snowed, the roads iced over, school was canceled, Amberle's job shadow was canceled, cheer was canceled, Girls on the Run was canceled, my concert was canceled and for Thanksgiving we stayed in, kept warm, and played board games. And I iced my knee and decided to run the marathon.

Thursday night it rained and warmed up and all the snow washed away. I don't know how we get so lucky that the weather works out just right for the run, but I don't believe the Seattle marathon has ever been canceled.

There are so many things I love about the Seattle Marathon.

-It keeps me running through the holidays.
-It's local-I can sleep in my own bed
-Lots of maniac support
-The course is challenging, but really pretty

I managed a two minute negative split which is a first for me. Although, my overall time was longer than I really wanted, I felt strong and was just happy to be running.


  1. awesome job on the negative split!

  2. Not sure what a negative split is but it sounds good... so congratulations.

  3. Well done! A negative split for a marathon is awesome!