Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What's up in 2011?

The triathlete-me wants to do Lake Stevens 70.3 this year
The maniac-me wants to run 6 marathons in 6 months and level up to silver.
The runner-me wants to explore more trails this summer
The adventurous-me wants to climb Mt Rainer

This year I learned a lot about focus and how it feels to over-train. I found myself wandering into others dreams and training plans. In spring training I took on too much, too soon (really key) by throwing in Seattle to Portland,a back-to-back century and ended up camping instead of riding.
My goal was Maniac Qualification, 3 marathons in 90 days, which I accomplished.
This year I will choose one big event and one training plan...

So my 2011 calendar consists of one race...Lake Stevens 70.3 on August 14. 2011.
Ambitious? Yes, considering I have completed only two sprints. Couple that with a hefty but vague (at the moment) college commitment and it may be too much to take on this year in terms of time and money. My plan is to keep training and re-evaluate in March when I know where Amberle will be landing.

Endurance... I love it. I'm addicted to it. I thrive here.
In order to be race ready I need to:

-cut my swim time in half
-get a full wet suit
-get a road bike
-Complete one sprint with a half mile swim and one olympic distance

I've also come to really get how life is about balance- in relationships, professional life, spiritual practice, and giving to the community.
People have said it to me, given me advice, I've read books, but it's a lesson I have had to learn in my own way and will probably be reminded of often.

Running is a great analogy for life: you get out of it what you put into it; sometimes you do it just for the joy; it's never easy, but always worthwhile.

Here are my specific run goals:
run a half under 2:10 (PR is 2:08)
run a full under 4:30 (PR is 4:36)
run a trail specific event


  1. good luck with all your goals!

  2. Very lofty goals but without challenge how do we know what we are really capable of. Good luck.

  3. I like your goals. That is the best way to stay focused and motivated for the year. You'll be great!

  4. good luck reaching all your goals! Glad I'm not the only one that thinks crazy thoughts like doing six marathons in six months! definitely go for the 70.3! So much fun!