Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mt Si

This is it! My first Ultra and my event for Girls on the Run to raise money for scholarships.

Each mile is dedicated to someone I love, something I have learned, something I dream, and something I am thankful for:

Mile 1: Shane. Thank you for being there for me ALWAYS.

Mile 2: Amberle & Mckenna. You both inspire me everyday.

Mile 3: Sonja. My amazing friend, mentor and running partner. Thank you for doing this crazy thing with me.

Mile 4: My mom and dad. Thank you for teaching me unconditional love.

Mile 5: Friendship. The people we live for.

Mile 6: Running. For peace, clarity, health, fitness, great legs

Mile 7: Freedom. Something I will never take for granted.

Mile 8: Health. There has been colds, fevers, chills, but overall I'm healthy.

Mile 9: Education. "The key to unlock the golden door of freedom"...George Washington Carver

Mile 10: Girls on the Run...I love how the program helps build confidence.

Mile 11: Girls on the Run...And how this spills over to other aspects of the girls lives. "I ran a 5K I can also ____."

Mile 12: Girls on the Run...the ripple effect to the girls families

Mile 13: Girls on the Run...and the community

Mile 14: Girls on the Run...I love the community impact project. The girls are always so proud that they made a difference.

Mile 15: Girls on the Run...the parent and school support.

Mile 16: Girls on the Run...all girls are included. They are not left out because of financial hardship.

Mile 17: Girls on the Run...the friendships that are made between girls and coaches.

Mile 18: Girls on the Run...the lesson on positive self-talk. I continue to struggle with this.

Mile 19: Girls on the Run...the lesson on assertiveness

Mile 20: Girls on the Run...the lesson on Gratitude

Mile 21: Girls on the Run...we talk a ton about choices. Between action and re-action is the freedom to choose.

Mile 22: My home. A place to rest my heart.

Mile 23: Nature. How beautiful it is in the sun, in the rain, in the mist, in the snow, in the fall

Mile 24: warm, dry socks

Mile 25: bagels

Mile 26: Sonja's golden lab Lacie-our other running partner

Mile 27: For the guy in his 70's who keeps passing us...forever may we run

Mile 28: This trail and the many people who keep it clean and nice

Mile 29: Perseverance.

Mile 30: One More Mile.

Mile 31: A great run today! Celebrating this HUGE milestone!

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