Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breaking in Winter and New Running Gear

Ran 6 miles with Amberle today in my new shoes. According to Shoe Dog, these are the lightest training shoes without being minimalist. I like light. And I want to ease into some barefoot running this summer. It's interesting to note that Shoe Dog found my foot strike to be normal (meaning I don't supinate and pronate after all) and my arch to be normal. I'm feeling pretty good about all the normal.
I also got to try out new flasks for my Amphipod fuel belt. My old ones have started leaking and falling out of the holder. A fun thing about running in the winter is that the water is colder after your run.
Shane gave me some new head bands for Christmas that have a spot for your ponytail. Hi-five to whoever thought of that.

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